Bitterwasser (Pty.) Ltd.
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The Soaring Society of Namiba hat für die neue Saison folgende Personen zum
Official Observer  zur Flugdokumentation bestellt:

Dieter Schwenk No. 50232

Jean-Renard Faliu No. 3088

Christian Hynek No. 12427

Martin Müller No. 0337

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No good day in Bitterwasser. Yesterday the Hangar next to the workshop was destroyed because gust of wind.
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Neu auf der Bitterwasser Homepage Button Wetter.

Ich habe mir eine kleine App für das Iphone heruntergeladen, welches mir von AppGuide empfohlen worden ist. Der Name ist Windfinder und gibt es in einer kostenlosen Version. Dort gibt es auch Windangaben für Namibia und Bitterwasser wird demnächst enthalten sein. Daher habe ich noch eine Rubrik Wetter hinzugefügt.



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we have found a partner at Namibia where you can rent a Sat Phone. Because of our experience from the last year we ask you to rent a phone.


You can rent this phone over Bitterwasser Organisation. Please use the link for tha application form. Urgent, please order soon so we are able to organize.

zum Formular >>>

rate per day N$85,00
cost of talking per min. 12,00 N$

Example: 14 day`s: 14 x 85,- = 1.190,00 N$ ( ca. 119,- €), if you do not use the Sat Phone there will be no more costs. If you use it the rate per minute 12,- N$

we need a deposit while you rent the phone

you can pay it direct at Bitterwasser Lodge


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Am Samstag wurden die letzten Flugzeuge verladen. Hier noch eine Schraube, da noch eine Befestigung, dort passt es noch nicht. Aber Sascha hat es im Griff.
Am Montag 24.9. gehen die Container auf die Reise.

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Liebe geht durch den Magen..... - damit Ihre Liebe zu Bitterwasser noch größer wird haben wir für dieses Jahr, während der Saison, einen Ausbildungskoch aus Deutschland!

There is a German saying - love goes through stomach... 
so that your love to Bitterwasser will grow more and more we will have for this flying season a german cook.

Lothar Ewigleben




10.09.2012 Air Namibia - neuer Flugplan PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail

Air Namibia ändert die Flugzeiten!!!!


Vom 28.10.12 bis 30.03.12 findet der Abflug von Frankfurt nun bereits um 19:10 Uhr statt. Ankunft in Windhoek ist am nächsten Vormittag um 06:30 Uhr.

Ebenso wird der Abflug ab Windhoek nach hinten verlegt auf 21:45 Uhr. Ankunft in Frankfurt 06:55 Uhr.


Service für unsere Kunden: Im Internet kann man sich seine Buchung ansehen und sich den Reiseplan ausdrucken:



Eingabe Buchungsreferenz und Name.


Air Namibia is changing the Flight Time!!!


From 28th of October until 30. March 2013 the flights to and from Frankfurt will be changed as follow:

Departure from Frankfurt to Windhoek 07:10 p.m.
Arrival at Windhoek 06:30 a.m.

Departure from Windhoek to Frankfurt 09:45 p.m.
Arrival at Frankfurt 06:55 a.m.


Service for our guests: you can check your trip details by internet.



sign in with your booking reference number and name.




31.08.2012 - Namibia - nicht mehr lange dann geht es los PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
31.08.2012 - Namibia - bald ist es soweit

Die Zeit vergeht wie im Flug und bald ist wieder Saison in Bitterwasser. Die Vorbereitungen laufen längst auf Hochtouren und man glaubt gar nicht, was so alles zu organisieren ist. Der Luftraum wird wohl wie im letzten Jahr in gleichem Umfang zu Verfügung stehen.

Wir freuen uns unsere internationalen Gäste  bald in Namibia begrüßen zu dürfen!

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01.09.2012 - Air Namibia ändert Flugplan

Heute erhielten wir die Information, dass Air Namibia im Zeitraum vom 19.November bis einschließlich 25.November 2012 die

Rückflugzeiten von Windhoek nach Frankfurt um ca. 13 Stunden vorverlegt.

So wird im oben genannten Zeitraum der Rückflug wie folgt verlaufen:

Abflug in Windhoek: 08:10 Uhr
Ankunft Frankfurt:    17:20 Uhr

wir bitten um Beachtung!!!!

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After a day full of activities, a beautiful place to rest and to relax is truly appreciated. For up to 80 guests, Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre offers comfortable, unique accommodation in 13 rondawels (African round houses), 22 air-conditioned bungalows, and a country house locates in the dunes.

´Non-pilots´ will enjoy the atmosphere and the typical African ambiente as well - an unforgettable mix of freedom, luxury and comfort. You´ll find more information on the page "Contact".

  • Accommodation for up to 80 guests
  • 13 rondawels (African style huts)
  • 22 air-conditioned bungalows
  • A country house in the dunes
  • Well tended facilities
  • Attractive prices during the low season
  • An unforgettable experience for ´non-pilots´ as well



rates PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail

Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre is open year-round. Therefore, we would like to point out that

Bitterwasser Lodge!

Is always happy to invite overnight guests. You are welcome to take a break and go to on holiday in our green oasis. From February to October, please contact the Lodge directly regarding the current overnight rates under: 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre!!!

The rates during the main flying season November to January are listed below.  These rates differ significantly from the pure Bitterwasser lodge prices, since the whole airfield management, Flight Office team, workshop team, vehicles, etc. are included.

Airline Tickets
The tickets will be sold at current prices. Please let us make an offer. We are also happy to offer additional tickets, for example, to the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and Cape Town. Talk to us.

Scheduled Flights
Air Namibia now flies daily directly from Frankfurt to Windhoekand back. The flight plan of the season can be found under  www.airnamibia.com

Rental cars, a real alternative to the taxi costs
We will gladly arrange car rental from reliable local partners with whom we have negotiated special rates for Bitterwasser guests. Since the selection is enormous and the requirements are very different, we ask you to enter in consultation with us.

The transport from Windhoek International Airport Hosea Kutako to Bitterwasser is normally per taxi and takes about 3 hours. The costs are listed below. Bitterwasser can arrange the taxi transport for you. New Prices for new saison will be plubished short before season


Prices per person, only one passenger  N$
2 Passangers  N$
3 Passangers  N$
4 Passangers     N$
5 Passangers      N$
6 Passangers  N$
7 Passangers  N$


there are some special rates for seperatly pick-up, dertours and pick up at Windhoek

Taxi flight
We can also arrange a taxi flight for you. Talk to us.

Exchange rate
ere you can see the actual exchange rate, no guarantee

Accommodation Bitterwasser Lodge&Flying Centre
Rates for the season November to January, incl. breakfast, lunch and dinner, without beverages, with complete airflied logistics (without daily glider fee, oxygen and fuel)

Flight Season 2018/2019 from 28.10.18 until 31.1.19

kind of accommodation picture Person Pre/After Season

14.01.- 31.1. 
High Season

12.11. until 13.1.
Shared shower and WC
building from sheet metal or bricks
1 Person
2 Personen
below 25 years old:
1 Person
2 Persons
70,00 €
55,00 €

35,00 €
27,50 €

60,00 €
40,00 €
Romm green House Aircon collective shower and toilet
1 Person
2 Personen
Rondavel de luxe
like double room, some with single bed, Aircon and own bathroom with shower and toilet
1 Person
2 Personen
90,00 €
65,00 €
Room at Palmhouse with own bathroom and Aircon at each room 1 Person
2 Personen
85,00 €
65,00 €
Bitterwasser - Bungalow
Bathroom, shower, WC, air conditioning
1 Person
2 Personen
3 Personen
 130,00 €
   90,00 €
   80,00 €
1/2 Bungalow Deluxe
1 Bathroom, shower, WC, air conditioning, shared kitchen
1 Person
2 Personen
3 Personen
130,00 €
   90,00 €
   80,00 €
Bungalow Luxe
Bathroom, shower, WC, air conditioning, shared bath
1 Person
2 Personen
3 Personen
 140,00 €
   99,00 €
   90,00 €
you will love it you will feel it   pre and off season  High Season
urgent please note if you leave Bitterwasser earlier as booked - there is no refund-    we recommand a Cancelation Insurance  


Prices for day-guests incl. VAT, during main flying in €
Breakfast 7,00
Lunch 11,00
Dinner 20,00
Childrens discount: Children  in the parants quarters under 6 years free
up to 12 years 50%
long stay discount: From 30 days onward per person or couple: 5%
lfrom 60 days onward per person or couple 10 %

Booking conditions 

50% payable within 14 days from date of invoice. Without payment within 14 days, no claim for room can be made. 50 % until 60 days before start of journey. After that, no refund is possible. Change of bookings are possible with a fee of 10% of invoice ammount, at minimum 50,- EUR. The new booking period can be maximum 6 month into the future.

Containertransport Germany/Namibia/Germany
Middle September we are loading our own 40-ft container with private gliders and bring them to the 3-4 weeks way to Bitterwasser. Middle of January the contaier are going back and arriving  beginning of March Germany.
Container are based at southern Germany. 

Containertransport Germany-Namibia-Germany guests shareholder
until 18 Meter wingspan 3.050,- € 2.750.- €
second wing tip for 15 Meter or 18 Meter 500,- € 250,- €
single seater up to 23 Meter wingspan 3.300,- € 3.000,- €
more than 23 Meter / double seater / open class  5.050,- € 4.650,- €
NEW - Overflight-Permit DCA Namibia per glider (only if we get invoice) 1.000,- N$ 1.000,- N$


100% of the cost for the container transport is due upon confirmation of order. Payable within 14 days from date of invoice. Without payment within 14 days, no claim for room in the container can be made. 
With withdrawal up to June 30, 50% of the fee are refunded. After that, no more refund is possible. If a new user for the room in the container is found: 100% refund

rates for gliding


  Season Price
Checkflight until 1 hour 130,00
Checkflight extension per hour per hour 100,00
Instructor per hour Instructor per hour 30,00
Checkflight with own glider with one or rented double seater 50,00
daily fee per glider and flying day per flying day 50,00
glider handover with flight office team Charterpilot is responsable 50,00
Palm Tree planting FAI 1000 km    250,00
mechanic work per hour   60,00
workshop per day per day 20,00
glider inspection year   280,00
Helper - work per hour 7,00
   day 50,00
Privat Helper - Runwayteam, just before start and after landing, outside this period Helper is a Runwayteam-worker per day 10,00
gliding club fee for all pilot and copilots per year in Nam Dollar 1200,00 N$
Validation per year 70,00
Nightlanding   don´t make it fee 100,00
Outlanding depense on Distance and how many Helper we need.    


Gliderpolish per hour 7,00 €
Farm Drive per person 23,00
Car Cleaning   12,00
Rental Car without Petrol per day 61,00
Rental Car, short trip  km 0,70
Oxygen per Liter 0,08
Mogas per Liter 2,00
AVGAS per Liter 3,50
Safety Kit Depot 50,00
Safety Kit Kauf 69,00
Safety Kit Leihgebühr pro Woche 6,00
SPOT per dayper day5,00


all rates without engagement

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