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Maximilian Dorsch already learned to appreciate the Bitterwasser Flying Center. He trained to fly big distances in Namibias in one of Wilfried Großkinsky`s 1000 km training camps. This year, on the 10th of July, Maximilian used this experience to fly a 1008-kilometer distance with a LS4 WL from his home field Bamberg. With this flight he conquered the top in the Bitterwasser Junior Cup 2019. At the „OLC-final“, the prize giving ceremony of the online contest 2019 in Poppenhausen / Rhön this October weekend, he got the reward: Rainer Hog congratulated on behalf of the Bitterwasser AG and presented the invitation for a week cross country flying in the Flying Center Bitterwasser. The junior from AC Bamberg won by a clear margin over Markus Uhlig from FC Großrückerwalde. Henrik Theiss of FLG Grabenstetten took 3rd place.

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smileyARCUS M kurzfristig verfügbar / on short call available

ARCUS M  ab 01. November bis 10. November
ARCUS M  ab 14. November bis 22. November
ARCUS M  ab 21. Dezember bis 30. Dezember 
ARCUS M  ab 29. Dezember bis 06. Januar 

an Piloten mit Arcus/Eigenstart Erfahrung.
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The first gliders are already in the containers for the journey to Bitterwasser. For almost 30 self launchers loadmaster Sascha Costabel had created space in one of the large steel boxes. On the first weekend in September they were packed with sophisticated suspension systems. Just six 18-meter single-seaters fit into a container thanks to good planning. The big solos, an Antares and an ASW 22, have to share their travel cabin with one of the double-seaters, which meanwhile make the single-seaters a marginal phenomenon in the Flying Center Bitterwasser.

Via Hamburg and  Antwerp the journey of the seven containers starts now with the Bright Horizon to Walvis Bay. The freighter is expected there at the beginning of October - in time for the new flying season.
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Bitterwasser is also a place for youngsters. With the Europe-wide Bitterwasser Cup and a success at German Gliding Championships juniors have the chance to be invited to the gliding center. Two winners have already been determined: Lukas Blattmann (4th) from the Flugsportclub Charlottenburg Berlin and Mike Bauer (5th) from the Eichstätt Flying. These two club class pilots won the ticket to the 1000 kilometer camp of Wilfried Großkinsky in Zwickau as the best juniors. Simon Briel from LSV Homberg Ohm, this year's best junior in the standard class and second in the Junior World Championships in Szeged, was already at the camp last season,will receive a special invitation by Wilfried Großkinsky and Rainer Hog with Bitterwasser AG.

The Bitterwasser Cup is still running, and the winners of the OLC Junior Challenge have not been decided yet. The award ceremony will take place on October 5 at the OLC Symposium in the Rhön.
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In der kommenden Saison steht in Bitterwasser ein neuer Arcus M für die Gäste bereit. Rainer Hog hat das Flugzeug Mitte Juni in Kirchheim/Teck für die Bitterwasser AG übernommen.

Dass der beliebte Leistungsdoppelsitzer ab November in Bitterwasser gechartert werden kann, ist ein großes Verdienst von Dr. Rudolf Lachenmann. Er hat vor zwei Jahren Bitterwasser seinen Nimbus 4DM überlassen. In Gestalt des Arcus wurde das Flugzeug jetzt modernisiert, wobei es im Kennzeichen D-KDRL weiter an Sponsor Dr. Rudolf Lachenmann erinnert.

Mit seinem 70 PS starken Triebwerk ist der Eigenstarter für den Einsatz vom 1250 Meter hochgelegenen Bitterwasser gut gerüstet, wo oft genug erst bei Temperaturen von über 30 Grad Celsisus gestartet wird.

Die D-KDRL ist bereits der 300. Doppelsitzer der Arcus-Baureihe von Schempp-Hirth. Das Unternehmen ließ es sich nicht nehmen, das Jubiläumsflugzeug im Rahmen einer Feier für den Einsatz im Bitterwasser Flying Center zu übergeben.


In Kirchheim/Teck übergaben Tilo Holighaus, Biggo Berger und Bernd Weber den Jubiläumsarcus an Rainer Hog (2.v.r.) vom Flying Center Bitterwasser.

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That was a season! The performance of Bitterwasser is outstanding. In the statistics of the Online Contest 2019 the gliding center is almost alone at the top with 605344 points.

Compared to all countries in the southern hemisphere Namibia has proven to be the one with the best conditions for cross country flying. The top places in the ranking of the best performing airfields belong without exception to Namibia.

With 134 pilots and 782 flights over a total of 604570 kilometers Bitterwasser has clearly set itself apart from the neighboring gliding centers Veronica, Kiripotib and Pokweni.

Behind Namibia, Australia and South Africa share the places in the OLC statistics of best airfields. It remains to be seen how Puimoisson, southern France, will perform in the rest season of the northern hemisphere.

210 flights over 1000 kilometers contributed to the leading position of Bitterwasser, including 5 flilghts over 1300, 19 over 1200 and 54 over 1100 kilometers.

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You have to be a teenager. Then you can earn a stay in Bitterwasser with the pleasure of gliding in Namibia. In the Bitterwasser Cup, Europe's young people (up to the age of 25) have the chance to win a stay of eight days  for cross country flying at Bitterwasser Lodge. The price includes the travel from Frankfurt/Main and the stay in the lodge with a glider for one week. Missing then only the proverbial good Africa weather.

The prize will be flown out in the Online Contest (OLC). At the end of May 900 participants were already in the results. Most entries come from Germany because the price has not really got round yet among european junior pilots. Only just over 100 reports come from 16 neighboring European countries.

Currently (second half of May), the result list is headed by Janes Stahf of the FCC Berlin, who brings together 4347 points with his six best cross-country flights. With Ventus 3 and LS8 he started in spring training in Puimoisson and from his home airfield Lüsse near Berlin. With a good 200 points Marcel Kaspari from AC Nastätten follows in second place, closely behind follows Johannes Beyer from the Segelflugzentrum Königsdorf. At the beginning of the month the Swiss Davide Giovanelli (GVV Ticino) claimed third place. With the start of the cross country season north of the Alps he fell back to 9th place.

The prize is not given away. Six flights will count and for a front placement they must be clearly in the region over 600 kilometers.
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Come Fly Arcus

Bitterwasser Saison 2019/2020

Arcus available from:
1.Nov until 9.Nov
17.Nov until 30.Nov
22.Dec until 3.Januar 2020

Flying Period 2019 / 2020 PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail

New Flying Season 2019 / 2020

from 1. November until last flying day Friday 24.January 2020

Accommodation available whole year!

Come and join us at Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre - you are looking for a glider?

keep in contact with us, we can help you to find (Arcus M / Ventus / ASG 32 / Nimbus 3 DM / DG 1000)

Hammer-Wetter im Endspurt der Saison 2018/2019 PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail

Fünf Starts, fünf Flüge über 1.000 km und drei davon über 1.200 km. Das Wetter zeigt sich Ende Januar von seiner besten Seite. Mit einer maximalen Wolkenbasis von 5.500 m und Steigwerten von bis zu 5 m wurde gestern vom Vormittag bis zum Sonnenuntergang geflogen. Beim gemeinsamen Abendessen in kleiner Runde hatten alle Piloten ein riesen Lächeln auf dem Gesicht. Zwei weitere Flugtage bleiben.

Five takeoffs, five flights over 1.000 km and three over 1.200 km. The weather is at its best at the end of January. With a maximal cloud base of 5.500 m and climb values with more than 5 m, the gliders yesterday flew from the morning until sunset. During dinner in a small round all pilots had a huge smile on their faces. Two more flight days are left.

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Die Tradition wird weitergeführt. Heute gab es in Bitterwasser die 2. Poolparty. 200 x 1000 km wurden in dieser Saison bisher geflogen. Fünf Flugtage bleiben bis alle Flugzeuge in die Container müssen.

The tradition is continued. Today there was the 2nd pool party in Bitterwasser. 200 x 1000 km were flown in this season so far. Five flight days are left until all gliders have to go into the containers.

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