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more comfort to Bitterwasser

    Montag, 06.08.2012 14:45

Air Namibia will fly from October 2013 with brand new A330-200 from Frankfurt to Windhoek. So the flight will be more comfortable for you. New design, 30 Business Class seats and 214 Economy Class seat are available. Particularly at Business Class you will have Lie-Flat bed´s and Inseat-Entertainment.
we will offer you full-service so you can order your ticket via Bitterwasser in cooperation with Monika und Stefan Senger, home-travel-office.
Contact: +498276519898 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Winter Special Price !!!

    Freitag, 20.07.2012 14:40

Air Namibia offers a flight from Frankfurt to Windhoek for 365,- € exclusive taxes and fees.
Period 20th November to 20th December and 29th December to 28.02.2013.

We have only a few space for accommodation for the period 20.11.12 until 8.12.12 !
possible Gliders:
ASH 25
DG 808 B
EB 28
Nimbus 3 DM

if interested contact
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

employment ended

    Mittwoch, 04.07.2012 11:24

Bitterwasser separates itself from Farm Manager Olaf Henrion. The Board of Directors has dicided to end the cooperation with Olaf of June 30. The farm management will passed from the calendar week 28 in new hands. Currently a member of the Board, Mr. Rudi Baucke, is in Namibia, so that the normal operation of the Lodge is secured.

Swiss Champion

    Mittwoch, 30.05.2012 10:04

Last Saturday the Swiss Gliding Championship finished after only 4 flyable days. Swiss champion in the open class is Dirk Reich with Co. Thomas Mosberger.
Thomas is a Bitterwasser member of the first hour and Dirk is a member since last year.

Congratulation to the winners!
>>> mehr info
...and into the Pool !

    Montag, 16.01.2012 14:00

Before the briefing of yesterday was at the end, JR took over the speech and remembered the old tradition, that if there is a new record concerning flown kilometers and numbers of 1000’s from Bitterwasser , the CFI has to go into the pool.
There was a little “hike” to the pool and Dieter had to go – accompanied with lots of laughter – into the Pool…

…almost another 1000 with HAi

    Montag, 16.01.2012 12:00

…almost sufficient , at the end there were only 22,19km missing and Arne Neumayr with Ralph Bürklin would have finished another 1000. In the beginning it didn’t look like it not at all. We had a high overcast at Bitterwasser but Arne und Ralph decided to take off anyhow and it turned into an excellent flight. At the briefing Arne gave informations about the flight of yesterday with the Nimbus 4HAi.
Half an hour before their landing it was looking very much like thunderstorm in the southeast and we had light rain at Bitterwasser, but it tapered off. Ralph used his cellphone to call up the flight office and reported they will safely return to Bitterwasser. That was balm for the nerves – Many thanks for that –


JR of course also had to go into the refreshing wet

    Montag, 16.01.2012 10:40

JR obviously also had to go into the pool.
Yes, this season we will set a new record. Status until 15. January 2012 :
Kilometers flown from Bitterwasser : 589.733,29
Numbers of flights: 821
Numbers of pilots with OLC flight registration : 132
…many pilots said thanks to the Flight Office Team – but without our guests, first class pilots and their performances these numbers would have never been achieved.
Therefore we like to thank especially our guests :
Pilots who flew distances more than 1200km like Bostijan Pristavec, Dymytry Borovyk, Bernd Goretzki, Reinhard Schramme, Wilfried Großkinsky, Uwe Menge with Tassilo, Ralph Woodword, Roland Lindner and Patrick Puskeiler of course contributed to this end result.
Also the many flights more than 1000km are an excellent achievement.
But also pilots who only like to fly for fun are welcomed at Bitterwasser and they only can learn from the reports of the top pilots.

Backtow from Mariental

    Sonntag, 15.01.2012 15:20

...after MS made a safety landing in Mariental, we flew there the next day to tow back the Duo. This is much more convenient than picking it up with car and trailer.

Container loading proceeds

    Sonntag, 15.01.2012 15:10

…yes, we’re coming slowly but surely to the end of the season and we’ve started to load the containers. Stefan Hueveler in action

Jürgen Reuter says farewell to Lore Haller

    Samstag, 14.01.2012 21:20

Jürgen as one of the 3 directors didn’t want to let out the chance to say good bye to Lore and express his thanks with a bouquet and a bottle of wine. Lore now is on a roundtrip before getting back to germany.

...mail from Patrick Puskeiler

    Freitag, 13.01.2012 19:00

Hi Dieter,
I‘m still not yet at home, I‘m at the moment waiting in Frankfurt for my train in pouring rain.
I came as champion of the OLC Junior Challenge to Bitterwasser. and I was aware before that this is a fantastic price , but the 2 weeks I could experience at Bitterwasser surely have been the top 2 weeks of my life concerning gliding. I already got many experiences from flying in competitions, but Bitterwasser
has topped everything up to now.
I never would have thought before, that from the 6 flights there I would do 5 with more than 1000km !
I think this is also due to the perfect organization and the relaxed atmosphere.
What you and your team put on the feet is really outstanding. But not only concerning flying it was a great time.
Due to our little engine trouble I had for a few days the time to enjoy the wonderful service on the ground.
I thank you and your Flight Office Team and Olaf and his crew very much for the great time !
I would like to come back, but the check on my account told me that this is gonna take quite a while.
And of course also a big “thank you” to Wilfried Groskinsky for the generous promotion of the gliding juniors and in my case for this unforgettable price.

Also at the Nimbus 3 many hands are asked for

    Donnerstag, 12.01.2012 20:15

There are indeed glider owners who deposit their main bolts after derigging somewhere but not where they are needed. When the engine repair is done then and there is a testrun to be performed and you can’t find the main bolts, you have to improvise. Without further ado a steel tube was made submissive. Main thing is you can proceed with the work…

…but we’re not only eating here…

    Donnerstag, 12.01.2012 20:00

..also there is hard working. Maintenance, Rig, De-Rig of the gliders, engine test run, trailer wash. The whole team is in action when there is a full-throttle test. flyable, but thunderstorms around us

    Donnerstag, 12.01.2012 20:00

Due to the power outage the last 12 hours we had unfortunately no Internet. Accordingly the briefing was very short today. The sun broke through and so 10 planes took off. All landed safely, one plane landed at Mariental. The crew is to be picked from our runway team at the moment.

John Williams lecture at Spätzle evening

    Donnerstag, 12.01.2012 19:50

John Williams gave a lecture about his Wave Flight at the end of the Spätzles evening.
The Organization Team was happy about the happiness of the guests

Pleasure about the successful evening

    Donnerstag, 12.01.2012 19:48

The Team was lucky about the joy of the guests

Pictures from the Spätzle Evening

    Donnerstag, 12.01.2012 19:40

There was:
as an aperitif a glass of applewine in a champagne glass
• Spätzle with Lenses + Wiener Wurst
• Spätzle with Sour Roast
• Spätzle with sliced turkey
• Cheesespätzle
and as a dessert Spätzle ice

Many thanks for your feedback – that enjoys the whole team

    Mittwoch, 11.01.2012 12:00

Dear Dieter, dear Bitterwasser Team
Back in cold and rainy germany we say thank you to you and all of your team for unforgotten beautiful days at bitterwasser
The weather was excellent organized by you and JR, we could fly every day and we were allowed to glide as far and as high through the clear namibian air , as we never would have expected it.
Also if it looks from the home PC like being only a little walk, especially in view of the daily exploding number of 1000s in Namibia, especially from Bitterwasser , the time, altitude and the distance will be flown . Nothing will be for free, except for the excellent and lovable service, the hospitality, the yummy food, cool (german) beer and perfect care before take-off and after landing. The rest has to be worked out by yourself, although this is almost due to entertainment tax.
I guess we will return again !

Best regards from the most beautiful aerodrome of southern germany: Winzeln- Schramberg
from the Krauss-Family, Stefan and Sabine with Johanna, Maximilian and Moritz

Patrick does an average of 145,46 km/h

    Mittwoch, 11.01.2012 10:55

Patrick made a great flight too yesterday. 1072,49 km with an average of 145,46 km/h.
He reports about his flights on his homepage:
Of course Patrick also contributes with his flights greater than 1000 kilometer to our excellent statistics.
We will get one of the best Bitterwasser seasons this year.

Reinhard Schramme gives tips at briefing

    Mittwoch, 11.01.2012 10:50

Today the weather is not so good. So we had some time at briefing , to take a closer look on the flight of yesterday of Reinhard Schramme and Thomas Lange.
Reinhard and Thomas flew 1017,68 kilometers with an average of 132.54 km/h. Many Guestpilots are interested in his technique and so Reinhard explained how he began the flight and especially how he
proceeds flying on course.
Thanks Reinhard.


First Impressions

    Mittwoch, 11.01.2012 10:30

John Williams gave me the following text:

A week ago I set out in a violent storm in Scotland to drive my trailer to Germany for some factory tlc in Zweibrucken. The drive was crazy in 50kt cross winds, the ferry crossing interesting and that trip in itself a bit of an adventure. But nothing on what was to follow. The flight from Frankfurt to Windhoek delivered me into another world; not just thermal shock but a sense of the enormity of so many things.

The enormity of the prize of the Bitterwasser Cup. The enormity of the landscape - big skies and no cars on the roads, of the welcome and facilities at Bitterwasser itself, of my thirst in the heat, the size of the airfield, of the potential for big flights. A big organisation without a big bureaucracy.
And then there's the flying. A familiarisationcheck flight with Heiko Schwenk - some years since I flew an ASH25 so landed conservatively in the middle of the pan - only to find myself a full kilometer from the edge! One has to adjust to the size of everything. And then flying Stefan Senger's Antares - great to be in a machine I know and love - 5m/s thermals, cruising at 170kph - thinking I'm making reasonable progress until I get back and find what others have done! I have so much more to learn about how to do it better in such amazing conditions. One week left for me -what an opportunity - what a place!

Wolfgang and Christa Joschko shortly before landing on the 09 hangar

    Dienstag, 10.01.2012 19:00

"Spätzle Abend" - Swabian evening at BIWA

    Dienstag, 10.01.2012 15:00

..there is a swabian evening today at Bitterwasser "Spätzle Abend".
The preparations are going on in the kitchen during the whole day . Lore brought with her swabian Lenses – Doro a Spätzle machine - Martin can do hand-scraped Spätzle…. Hmmmmmm !

Coffee Service

    Dienstag, 10.01.2012 12:50

Reported as a „Sensation“ from the aerokurier , the handing over of beverages for the crews at Kiripotib immediately after landing, is also available at Bitterwasser.
The proof:
Gabi and Walter offer the mobile coffeeservice!
Here on the picture Sybile and Alex after a long flight, are served with fresh coffee from our flying (rolling) coffeeservice directly on the plane. A engine hood is almost as good as a coffee table.
What Sybille and Alex did write: We enjoyed it very much. Exactly! Good Service makes also good mood. As you can see, whether you talk about briefing or about the organizational skills of the Flight-Office, offering immediate help when it became necessary, or about the perfect and quick runway service !
There were many things being alright.
Walter Reis

Thanks from Israel

    Dienstag, 10.01.2012 12:40

Shalom Dieter !
We are back home and back to work. I wanted to take the opportunity again and thank you and the rest of the team for the wonderful two weeks we had in Bitterwasser this season.
It is quite amazing to say that all days were flyable. We had the pan for takeoff and landing all days. But the most important is the people and attitude. You got us started in no time. We got detailed and accurate briefing daily (please thank JR also). Whenever we had problem with the glider the flight office staff came to the help and fixed it to keep us flying.
We towed everyday and the pilots were very helpful. When we asked Jurgen to wait for an extra hour we got no complains.
I have also to thank the line boys they were always there in time and gave us a nice farewell party after the last landing.

Thanks for a thanks

    Montag, 09.01.2012 10:40

Dear Dieter , dear Olaf, dear Lore
Again a very big “thank you” to you all and your first class care – and to the whole Bitterwasser team.
The staying at Bitterwasser I will keep in best mind …a happy-go-lucky-package of the finest. You are a great team, carry on like this !

Alexander Jacobi

The new soul of the reception - Lore Haller

    Sonntag, 08.01.2012 12:40

Lore, she comes - how else could it be- from the "Schwabenland" and resides very close to Münsingen. Dieter came to know Lore some time ago and he asked her whether she didn’t feel coming to Bitterwasser , Namibia. Lore earlier worked at the reception of a vacation village on the Schwäbische Alb and because at Bitterwassers reception there was the search for a support it was a perfect match .
Further talks unveiled that Lore already had worked in Namibia and also found her partner there, with whom she moved to Germany later.
– back to the roots – so Lore came along with us to Bitterwasser.. The beginning was everything else but easy , but she managed it and did a very good job. Dear Lore – many thanks for your efforts- you helped us a lot !

Weatherbriefing without Internet connection

    Sonntag, 08.01.2012 12:30

JR und Dieter doing the weather.....

you cannot describe it , you just have to experience it....

First rain at Bitterwasser

    Sonntag, 08.01.2012 12:20

…yesterday we had the first rain at Bitterwasser. A storm front reached us the late afternoon.
The first who came home could still land on the pan. Unfortunately the gear collapsed on a plane when landing and it got stuck in the middle of runway 09left. While we were trying to organize all the salvage material and the trailer it started to rain. First we ensured that the remaining aircraft could land safely on the 09 Hangar and then the mudslinging with the salvage began. Shortly after sunset we had everything together. Due to the heavy thunderstorms we had a power failure, so the weather briefing was very short. JR and Dieter entertained the guests at briefing and did their own
Weather forecast. Today the sun shines again and the first are already in the air.

…for a perfect flight preparation you also need the perfect clothing

    Sonntag, 08.01.2012 11:30

JR and Dieter today have demonstrated the flight-underpants. Not only “self-made- weather”, also the recommendation of the proper clothing !!

John Williams first flight at Bitterwasser

    Samstag, 07.01.2012 15:50

John has the Antares available from Sunday on. Due to that a checkride was planned today. John prefered the backseat of the ASH AZ , because there would be more space available. So he took with him the youngest flight office team member, Heiko Schwenk, for the checkride. It seems that the two understand themselves very good. We are curious on his first report. 4/8 clouds and 39° C, not the worst conditions..

…without explanation…just to enjoy….

    Samstag, 07.01.2012 15:40

New Supervision of the cleaning crew at Bitterwasser

    Samstag, 07.01.2012 12:55

Uwe Förster thought if he doesn’t feel like flying, then at least he can take over the supervision of the cleaning crew and also lead by good example

Season far from being over

    Freitag, 06.01.2012 14:50

We currently have 39° Celsius and good gliding conditions. The mood is excellent and we also have made some OLC statistics. Up to the 05.01.12 we altogether had 150 flights of more than 1000 kilometers ! Altogether there have been flown 540.786,70 kilometers and it’s getting more every day !
That of course fills the whole bitterwasser organization with joy ! Many thanks also to all the pilots who always like to come back to Bitterwasser.

John, hardly arrived – weather info

    Freitag, 06.01.2012 12:50

Shortly after John arrived, he had not even finished his drink, he wanted the first informations about the weather forecast and how the next days will look like... and it looks good, really good and we can be curious , what else we’ll expect this season...


Bitterwasser Cup winner arrived

    Freitag, 06.01.2012 12:40

A warm welcome was performed today on the winner of the Bitterwasser Cup, John Williams.
Fresh flowers were handed over at his arrival.
John arrived together with Volkmar Gleich and of course there was a lot to laugh about.

Mail from Sybille Lindner

    Freitag, 06.01.2012 12:30

Dear Lore, dear fantastic Team !
We are safe back at home and my son picked us up in Ulm and of course first I had to play with my grandchildren.
At least I want to say thanks to the complete team for their excellent performance, whether at take off or in the kitchen and of course at the reception. For me it was a wonderful holiday with very nice flying friends so that I’m very enthusiastic. It was the most beautiful flying vacation of my life. Again very many thanks !
At home we were welcomed with very stormy and rainy weather.
Warm regards to all from Sybille

Flying family at Bitterwasser

    Montag, 02.01.2012 22:06

Stefan came together with his family to Bitterwasser. Stefan flies the Arcus MB and carries around the members of his family.
It is indeed a flying family with Johanna, Max und Moritz.

What would be the workshop and Bitterwasser without Eckhard ?

    Montag, 02.01.2012 17:00

The good soul, the man for all eventualities, who magically manufactures things out of only few left-over materials. The guardian over oxygen and Avgas.
Who doesn’t know him- the Flight Office Team member and tinkerer most rich on years ?
And most beautiful is, that our Eckhard really is laughing the one or the other time.
That makes us all very happy !
Eckhard – very special thanks to your working efforts here !


Patrick receives special price

    Montag, 02.01.2012 16:40

Patrick received a very special price from Wilfried Großkinsky at the OLC Meeting !
He invited Patrick to Bitterwasser and lent him the 2I .
Patrick flies with Tom and the grin in its face almost doesn‘t come to an end....


Johanna in the nimbus

    Montag, 02.01.2012 16:30

Dominik Gerber knows how to do that...

    Montag, 02.01.2012 16:00

Dominik currently flies the Nimbus 4 DM "UC" of Dirk Reich and has always a free seat....
and who he prefers to take with him?
Johanna of course !


Pilots in the Flight Office

    Sonntag, 01.01.2012 14:40

Of course we help where we can and make the Bitterwasser PC`s available when requested. Malte Bernhardt had a problem at the beginning that could be solved together with Heiko.


Engine troubles

    Sonntag, 01.01.2012 14:35

At one oft he airplanes – we naturally don’t tell any types .... the trigger coil quit it’s job. At first it was to find out why the engine didn’t reach peak rpm. The defect then was found but the proper spare part was not in stock. A call to Pokweni shortly before 19:00 o‘clock brought relief. Axel Nuss could find the needed part in Walter Binders treasure chest.
Martin Müller and Jürgen Baumgart working on the engine....


CFI finally also comes to fly the Maule

    Sonntag, 01.01.2012 14:30

Up to now i had no time to fly the Maule. When we received the message yesterday evening that in Pokweni a needed spare part is available I immediately made together with Martin Müller 3 take offs while picking it up.

Christian - our Allround-Man.....

    Sonntag, 01.01.2012 14:20

Christian Hynek also is the first time in the Flight Office Team. life at Bitterwasser ! Christian has installed a new IT solution with internet and WLAN here at Bitterwasser . We never before had such a perfect arrangement. Wiring, screens, server, simply magnificent IT solutions.
But not only concerning IT, he’s also a contact for all small and big problems: adaptercables, USB cables, GPS-Antennas, simply he’s an allround-man.
Christian – many thanks for being part of the team !

Jürgen Baumgart - in the Maule

    Sonntag, 01.01.2012 14:10

Jürgen Baumgart from Fellbach this year is the first time in the Flight Office Team. To be able to fly as a tow pilot , you have first to overcome some fences in Namibia. At first you have to pass a test concerning the rules oft the air at DCA. Then a namibian radio voice test. If this is successfully passed you have to make an introduction flight with a single engine plane at Eros and on the next day do a checkride with a namibian examiner. Then there are to be filled out quite some papers which have to be filed in to DCA .
Jürgen has passed all these things and now he’s looking quite happy in the Bitterwasser-Maule !

First Container is already completely loaded

    Sonntag, 01.01.2012 14:00

With the change of the years some guests have already left. The hungarian container is already completely equipped. But the season is not yet over and we expect again some good flying days.

Happy New Year to everybody

    Sonntag, 01.01.2012 13:57

The entire Bitterwasser Organisation wishes all customers , guests, Pilots and Members

... and again a message of one of our guests with the request to publish it :

Many thanks for an excellent stay - I am impressed by the quality of the organization.
Particularly Dieter and his team run an efficient and safe operation. Also the high service level and friendliness of the staff in the restaurant and lodge ensured a very pleasant atmosphere.

Combined with the outstanding soaring conditions, this makes Bitterwasser one of the top gliding sites of the world.