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That was a season! The performance of Bitterwasser is outstanding. In the statistics of the Online Contest 2019 the gliding center is almost alone at the top with 605344 points.

Compared to all countries in the southern hemisphere Namibia has proven to be the one with the best conditions for cross country flying. The top places in the ranking of the best performing airfields belong without exception to Namibia.

With 134 pilots and 782 flights over a total of 604570 kilometers Bitterwasser has clearly set itself apart from the neighboring gliding centers Veronica, Kiripotib and Pokweni.

Behind Namibia, Australia and South Africa share the places in the OLC statistics of best airfields. It remains to be seen how Puimoisson, southern France, will perform in the rest season of the northern hemisphere.

210 flights over 1000 kilometers contributed to the leading position of Bitterwasser, including 5 flilghts over 1300, 19 over 1200 and 54 over 1100 kilometers.