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In Bitterwasser you can not start early enough into the season. November has only just begun when the first 1000 k fell. On Sunday, November 3, Bernd Goretzki and Reinhard Schramme mastered with an EB28 from Bitterwasser 1167 kilometers. Their turning points in the northeast, still north of Windhoek, and in the southeast included of Bitterwasser a 1067 km triangle. The crew took off at 11:00 and landed with the end of daylight at 19:12 (local). They achieved an average speed of 146.13 km / h.
Already Saturday was a very good day. Reinhard Schramme and Bernd Goretzki 1021 kilometers were on the counter at the landing.
For Günter Steurer, the champion coaching of Wolfang Janowitsch has already been worthwhile: On Sunday the Arcus crew brought together 1033 kilometers.