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These speeds are record in the Speed ​​OLC for thermal flights: With 232.5 km/h yesterday Reinhard Schramme and Bernd Goretzki made with an EB28 after takeoff in Bitterwasser 581 kilometers. But they were the not the front runners - owed to the index of the EB28. Carsten Kopsieker and Guido Kock secured the top position in the daily classification. With their ASG 32 they were only 1 km/h slower (231 km/ h) than Schramme/Goretzki! Already much slower, but still well over 200 km/h (224 km/h) came Arndt Hovestadt and Anja Buchheiser with an Arcus M to place 2. With three flights from Bitterwasser so history has been written in the Speed ​​OLC.
The fast line in about 4500 meters was northeast of Bitterwasser to the southeast. After a relatively late start, the line was reached by the three crews, who were in communication via radio, in just over an hour in the usual ups and downs.