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Bitterwasser Lodge has a well equipped workshop. Work on fuselage, engines or electrical systems can be done fast under expert supervision. Bitterwasser takes no responsibility for the work, however.
The yearly compulsory checks for Namibian and German gliders are feasible as well.

We have
+ Oxygen
+ Battery charging facilities
+ Fuels (Avgas, mixtures)
+ Nose tubes for oxygen
+ Extension cables
+ Commonly used batteries
+ Pressurized air
+ Other technical equipment
+ Expert support for work on engines and synthetics
+ Help with OLC uploads

Our friendly and competent crew will help you with the transfer from the parking spot to the airfield and back for takeoff and landings. As soon as you touch the ground, our team will supply all your accessories so that only minutes later your glider will safely reach the parking spot.
+ Experienced support on the airfield.
+ The competent ground team knows how to handle valuable gliders .
+ During bad weather, hangar parking space is available.
+ Polishing and cleaning Service, for a fee our competent helpers will polish your aircraft, or clean it completely.