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Since 1960, Bitterwasser is known to glider pilots as "the diamond farm".

Peter Kayssler, the former owner of the farm, was an enthusiastic glider pilot. At that time, only simple gliders and a primitive winch made with fence wire were available. However, Peter already took advantage of the truly amazing thermals typical for Bitterwasser.

Right from the beginning, records and other special flights were honored by planting palms. Accordingly, the legendary palm alley was created and continuously expanded during the following years. This old tradition is still cultivated today and is one of the attractions of Bitterwasser.

After Peter Kayssler left, a group of enthusiastic glider pilots, mainly from Switzerland and Germany, invested in Bitterwasser to ensure its continuing existence as a flying farm. With Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Center, a truly international gliding center of worldwide reputation has been created.

  • Gliding activities including record flights since 1960
  • Pilots first glider flight of 1´000 km, 1´250 km or 1´500 km, according to FAI rules is, honored by planting of a palm
  • World records are memorized "royally" with king palms