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Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre is located approx. 180 km south of Windhoek at the western border of the Kalahari desert at an altitude of 1´250 m above sea level.

During the dry season, the relative air humidity is 5 to 20 %, and the malaria risk is correspondingly low. However, the rains may begin in October, i.e. during the main gliding period, and the malaria risk will increase accordingly.

With regard to health questions, we recommend the following:

  • Prior to your trip, consult your personal physician and/or a tropical health specialist.
  • Advice from websites such as or is useful but cannot be substitute for a visit to your doctor(s).
  • Bring along sufficient amounts of all drugs you require regularly (and store them in the fridge if necessary).
  • A travel health insurance may be advantageous. Exposition prophylaxis after dusk, i.e. wear long-sleeved cloths and long pants, and apply an insect repellant.